4.8 Missing Lock Viewport to Actor

I have a 4 pane layout with one of the panes being a perspective camera I lock to my matinee camera. I was achieving this with the Lock Viewport to Actor viewport menu item. Since the upgrade yesterday that option is missing. How to I setup this viewport now?

Hi ShimShade,

I’ll admit I’ve never used this feature before but if I right click an object in the world space, there is an option to ‘Snap View to Object’ and ‘Snap Object to View’. Does this option work in the same way that the Lock Viewport to Actor does? If not, what are the discrepancies between these options so that I may find an alternative?

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I actually tried snap view to actor prior to posting but it doesn’t honor the camera settings (namely aspect ration/view frustrum). The lock viewport to actor item showed an identical render to the picture-in-picture viewport you would get if you clicked on a camera actor. Snap View to Actor does not.

However, I see that there’s a new feature called “Pilot” which appears to be identical to Lock Viewport to Actor. This is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s directly below snap view to actor.

BTW it would be awesome if I could Pilot a camera, but then lock it so I can’t accidentally rotate or translate the piloted camera. When using a multiple viewport layout it’s helpful to have your placed camera always on screen but not in the pinned picture in picture. I occasionally click it by accident and there’s no real way to return to it’s previous orientation. Piloting the camera (same as lock to viewport) ignores the “Lock Actor Movement” flag on the camera actor and it probably shouldn’t.


Hi ShimShade,

I can see the issue you’re experiencing and according to the wording of the option ‘Lock Actor Movement’, it should also lock rotation in this way as it does if you try to use the rotate tool. I’ve made a bug report for the issue and the number is UE-16985 for your reference.

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Excellent thanks. I use this feature often and when I test a placed camera in full screen I accidentally right click and WASD navigate as I normally would and even if the camera is locked the piloting of it overrides the camera transform. It would be awesome if I could explicitly prevent that with the lock

Yes it is. If you want to to follow a pointLight around for example. Press L, and left click in your scene. Right click on your new light and hit “Pilot point light”.