4.8 Landscape Grass Type Asset Bug

When i create and open “Landscape Grass Type” i got no options to work with. There is no Grass Varieties option. I am working in project created in 4.5 and re-saved in 4.8. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong

Hey Svarc,

Try creating a new blank project in 4.8 and see if the issue still occurs.

If the issue does still exist, please provide me with some steps so that I may reproduce it on my end, and generated a bug report if needed.


Hi Andrew, I don’t know how can you reproduce it. I had a problem not being able to upgrade 4.7-4.8 so i removed current version and installed clean 4.8. So i have a clean 4.8 and, I created blank new 3rd person project, and when I create Landscape Grass Type i get same blank window like on picture. If you have more ideas how to help you (to help me) pls let me know.

I even opened existing one in Kite demo, also blank, nothing to edit

None of this worked for me, also ProceduralFoliage, and FoliageType are also blank
Here is my dxdiag:
link text

Hey Svarc,

Try going into the ‘Editor Preferences’ and within the ‘Experimental Section’ check the ‘Procedural Foliage’ option. Restart your project after checking this option to see if that corrects the issue.

If you still cannot see the ‘LandscapeGrassType’ options to add an element as the default behavior let me know. Would you mind providing me with your ‘dxdiag’ so I can take a look at your systems hardware specifications?

One suggestion would be to delete the ‘Intermediate’, ‘Saved’, and ‘DerivedDataCache’ within the engine version you are using. Create a new blank project after doing this and see if the issue still occurs.


Hey Svarc,

Do me a favor and uninstall the engine again through the Launcher by using the remove option. Then go into your C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine directory and be sure all the folders within are removed. Now do a clean re-install and see if that fixes the issue. Hopefully this works for you, but if you need further assistance let me know.


Hi Andrew,

Last night i removed all but DirectXRedist and Launcher folders and installed clean 4.8.1 within my C:\Program Files\Epic Games. Was i supposed to delete those 2 as well because the problem is still there? I started blank project and checked ‘Procedural Foliage’ option, restarted project and no luck. Am I the only one with this problem?

Hey Svarc,

Take a look at our documentation on Procedural Foliage to make sure you are setting up things correctly.

Procedural Foliage Quick Start

If you are still having problems after taking a read over the documentation, we can proceed entering a bug for the issue.


hey Andrew
I am sure I am doing everything right, I just installed 4.8.1 on my home PC and it all works fine. I’ll try once again with clean install tommorrow, either that or it is something with my work PC configuration/drivers.

Dude, really? You closed the Details Tab. Just go to Windows and click on “Details”

OMG Why are all these options under “Details” ??? It just doesn’t make sense to have your only/all options under “Details”.


Thank you Blendurian