4-8 Directions 2D Rpg Movement

Hello everyone!

I’m working for a DG and currently we have a project made in RPGMAKER XP. Since UE 4 has been released as free used we have decide to give a tried. Results so far show that UE 4 is a powerfull tool to build up our project, therefore I started to study how to use blueprints.

I’m quite newbie with this stuff but I’m following the official tutorials and I’m reading the documentation and pick info up really quick.

I have a problem mainly with the character movement, because I tried to create a blueprint based on 2D platform tutorial but it’s limited to left-rigth direction.

We would like to set a 2d player into a 3d enviroment and so far we did it, but following this tutorial: Paper2D: Animation State Machine | 08 | v4.4 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Problem emerged when we tried to combine flipbooks to up and down direction with bluepritns, because movement keep stack and rusty sometimes.

Does anyone know how to set a blueprint for this kind of character 8 movement?

Thanks in advance,


i made this for you , there is axactly what you need

Thanks dude! that’s exacly what we were looking for! :slight_smile:
Just one question, how do I add jump movement (key space bar-> jump, doesn’t work :S) or change flipbook for other actions (for example atacking, pushing and object)?
Input-> Key ->select flipbook?¿


jump is working but you don’t see it , because the camera is set to orthographic , change it to perspective

for the actions , all the direction are already setted up , all what you need is adding conditions of each action

thanks once again! now is everything clear.
I truly appreciate it man :slight_smile:


One more question please.

How can I call this ReturnNode function?



add output variables


Thanks one more time,


Thanks Mhousse1247! Helped me out too.

I don’t know where i went wrong but I can’t get this to work for me…What are the limitations of this solution, like does this solution only work for a top down camera or am I bad at copy paste blue prints, then recreate variables and replace flipbook animations in the state machine? Would really appreciate help on how I can get this solution to work for my project also.

You know in my case I’m interested in moving this 3d character model in only 4 directions:
-left(side views).