4.8 crash when switching to Animation BP

After upgrade from 4.7.6 to 4.8, whenever I switch back to animation blueprint from other blueprint UE4 will crash.

Here is some scenario while I was trying to track down what causes the crash:

  1. open animation blueprint → OK.
  2. open animation blueprint → open other blueprint → switch back to animation blueprint → OK
  3. open animation blueprint → open other blueprint → add a custom event in other blueprint → switch back to animation blueprint ->Crash

P.S. I’ve done the same thing in 4.7.6 and editor didn’t crash, so I suspect it’s a 4.8 issue? Please help.

Hey rit,

I am not able to reproduce this with our third person template after converting from 4.7.6 to 4.8.0. Could you try this with the third person template and let me know if it’s still crashing for you?

Are there any extra steps you may have left out in your repro (like compiling after you added the custom event, is there a casting node in your BP, etc)?


Its doing exactly the same thing for me, first time it did it when I added nodes to anim BP then as soon as its opened

Same here. 4.8 Crashes every now and then when I switch to the animation BP anim graph.

if that helps somehow, sometimes during the small freeze before crashing, just the wires are visible in the graph (not the boxes).

Crash report data:
You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.

Hey everybody,

So we currently have a bug report in for crashes while switching between AnimBP’s and BP’s. UE-16935.

Are any of you getting callstacks? Dark woods, I know you aren’t, but it could help to confirm this is the same bug. If you are getting a callstack, copy the callstack to a txt doc and attach it please.


Im getting an error with the crash reporter, sometimes it will load hundreds of crash reporters but not always, if I only open the anim blue print not the character it wont crash, im able to still work by not opening both ABP and character BP at once…if I do get the callstack info ill post it but previously due to it being the crash reporter crashing, there was no info lol

This is happening all the time to me as well. Please oh please oh please fix it soon!

Can you send along your logs for your project (PROJECT\saved\logs)? They should contain the callstack or a truncated version of it.

link text

This also crashes for a packaged build but plays fine in editor

Wait…how did we get onto packaged builds? This was an editor bug when switching back and forth between AnimBP’s and BP’s

I also need you to isolate the one log file for the session with the crash. I have no way of knowing which of these is related to the crash.

You didn’t specify which log file to send so I sent all of them, and I just thought I would mention that it crashes in the packaged build as well(more info should help), ill see whether the anim BP crash still happens with 4.81(just installed), packaged game however still crashes…sorry for too much info

I get this quite often, here’s the dump:

link text

Hey RoemEnt,

Thanks for submitting this. It matches the callstack in UE-16935


Opening the anim blueprint at any time is risky for me. It seems to happen more often if I haven’t saved all changes before daring to open or modify the anim blueprint.

Was this fixed in 4.9?

To be honest, is there a way to check which bugs are fixed in updates? I ask the “was specific bug # fixed in an update” often and I’m pretty sure that’s documented somewhere.

Anyway, 4.8.3 this is still happening a lot.

Yes this is fixed in 4.9 as of CL:2610353. The CL is from Main Branch if you’re looking to integrate it. Fix submitted before we branched off for 4.9.