4.8 Couch Knights AnimNotify for Sprint, etc.. in the Animation Blueprint

Hi everyone, lately I’ve been studying the Couch Knights minigame / demo as a way to learn to setup character animation in UE4. After spending a fair amount of time on it I think I’ve run into wall. As far as I understand animation notifies can be created in sequences and montages. In the animation blueprint for the Couch Knight demo I see two events that I am not sure what fires them or how to even get them into the Animation Blueprint, they are:

AnimNotify_Started sprinting
AnimNotify_Stopped sprinting

I’ve read through this page and still didn’t seem to have any luck understanding what is happening.

When I previewed the animation sequence for sprinting there are no animation notifies for started or stopped. Also when I click on the events in the animation blueprint I don’t see anything that ties those events to the actual animation sequence. Could someone please explain to me how to (1) get those events into the animation blueprint, and (2) what ties those events to the actual sprinting sequence?

They are defined in the AB_Player_Character animation blueprint. Open the Locomotion AnimGraph and click on Sprint. They are both animation states defined for entering and leaving the animation state.

Thank you ProlixLegend!