[4.8] Connect to MySQL Database ( For Login Screen )

I am currently working on a project: Lego Universe Rebuild ( LUR - Forums ) in UE4, and I want to make a Login screen, but I can’t find any kind of way to connect into the MySQL database and check Login/Password. Is there a way of doing this? ( I allready tried RakNet - Wich does not compile the Lib Correctly - UE4 Hub - RakNet)


You likely don’t want to connect directly to a database via C++, especially when its going to be client facing and not limited to only server side.

Try using something like PHP or nodejs or any other web based language to write an API to handle login so that the client is never directly interacting with the database.

Hey mate,
not finished but maybe gives a start:

Connecting directly to a database via C++ is a bad thing. You can use JSON to communicate to a PHP server, sending requests and receiving responses from it in a secure way.

Is there a way to execute JS functions in C++? Like load a .js file and execute a function that is programmed inside it?

I found this: [RELEASED] Flathead = UE4 + Javascript - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

This plugin it outed (4.4.1), it doesn’t work with 4.8.

I found only it. Sorry :frowning:

Figured a way using PHP and Javascript.

I am facing a similar issue.
Can you please tell me how you got it to work with PHP and Javascript?