4.8 Component Ticking

In 4.8, [FONT=Courier New]ReceiveTick() has been removed from [FONT=Courier New]UActorComponent. I’m using this function in several of my own custom components in a 4.7 project I’m trying to migrate. It’s not obvious to me what the correct substitute is. Should I change it to [FONT=Courier New]TickComponent() or do I need to create an [FONT=Courier New]FActorComponentTickFunction or an [FONT=Courier New]FActorComponentTickFunction or what?

My first thought was to just override [FONT=Courier New]Tick(), but it’s marked as final in [FONT=Courier New]UActorComponent

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Using TickComponent is the correct thing.

Thanks, Marc! I’m all 4.8-ified now.