4.8 BlueprintFunctionLibrary BUG copy local variables

Hi Team Epic found a new bug this morning. I found that you can not copy and past local variables inside of BlueprintFunctionLibraries anymore.

I have confirmed it working in 4.7.6 but does not in a new 4.8.0 project.

Repro Steps:

  1. Create a new BlueprintFunctionLibrary

  2. Create a New Function

  3. Create a new Local Variable

  4. Drag a Get reference to the graph

  5. Now just copy that reference and paste it. It shows it as a variable that doesn’t exist.

Hi Devero,

I attempted to reproduce this but I couldn’t get your results. Could you post a screenshot of exactly what you are seeing?

This is no longer a problem in 4.8.1. Its resolved. Thanks!