4.8 Blueprint Editor Crash Bug!

I was able to find a bug that happens when you migrate from 4.7 to 4.8 which completely crashes your blueprint editor preventing it from ever opening again. I have reproduced this in following way:

1)Open a New 4.7 blank project.

2)Create a BlueprintFunctionLibrary

3)Inside of FunctionLibrary, create a new function

4)Create a local variable of HitResult

5)Drag a get reference to blueprint graph

6)One HitResult variable get node you just pulled out, Right click and “Split Struct”

Save project.

7)Create a New 4.8 blank project

8)From your 4.7 project, Migrate your BlueprintFunctionLibrary to your new 4.8 project.

9)Open your 4.8 project and try opening level blueprint.

It crashes engine hardcore. root cause I have it down to is that HitResult Split Struct is not supported when moved to 4.8.

I also confirmed that splitting struct from a LineTraceByChannel node causes same crash.

Hi Devero,

Thanks for report! I was able to reproduce this in 4.8.1, however it appears to have already been fixed in our internal build, and this fix should be included in next major release (4.9). I’ll let developers know regardless, to see if they are able to include fix in a hotfix. Thanks again!