4.8 ASP Character Blueprint - please can someone confirm the capsule actually jumps

Hi All,

I’ve been having a really dragged out conversation on AnswerHub regarding the 4.8 ASP characters blueprint and I’m not convinced the staff member is understanding the OP’s issue and my attempts to explain the problem.

Please would someone have a go and confirm that I’m not (or am) insane…

Simply render the 4.8 version of the ASP characters capsule in game whilst jumping and confirm that it actually leaves the surface. It’s important that I mention the character will appear to leave the surface due to the animation but it is not the character’s skeletal mesh that I’m talking about here.

When I looked I quickly found the cause, which is there is no call to the ‘Jump’ function after the ‘Jump ZVelocity’ is set.

This is starting to drive me nutz!!

Many thanks!!

Hopefully this gif shows it clearly.

Never mind everyone, no need to confirm anymore, they now understand what I was saying. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I posted the wrong confirmation! That was the default char. you are right, the APS char’s capsule DOES NOT leave the ground!

Thanks for the GIF quality, the staff member finally understood so all is okay and they will get the ASP characters blueprint updated. I hope they take the time to read through my answers as I point out a few other bugs in the blueprint.

I’m slightly disappointed by the way my answer was shot down by the guy who called it a ‘workaround’ and ‘not necessary’ when in fact it was the correct answer and entirely necessary. He accepted his own answer and even after he had realised that I was correct he posted an image of the ‘Jump’ and ‘Stop Jumping’ functions wired directly after the jump event, completely bypassing the (broken) logic for velocity based jump height. So personally I feel his final answer is still incorrect but never mind.

I will probably only contribute to the forums from now on and leave AnswerHub to the staff to deal with, it’s a shame though because if the community were shown a little more encouragement to answer instead of being belittled so many more UE4 users would benefit by receiving solutions faster.