[4.8.3] Launcher eating up 25% while running in background

Hi there,

for some reason, the UE4 launcher stresses the CPU significantly, even after running for 2 hours in the background:

Don’t see why this should happen… For some reason, the launcher starts automatically when opening a project directly in the editor (have to end him by hand each time)

Have you checked to see if it is processing updates or installing something at the moment? That will usually cause activity.

No, I didn’t install or upgraded anything. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce this, it just happens from time to time. When I restart the launcher, it seems ok until the next time.

Hey ,

We’re currently investigating some solutions for launcher CPU usage issues like the one you have described.

In the meantime, if you can reproduce the issue and provide logs by following the instructions here we can look into this issue further.

Ok, thx. Will provide info if this happens again.

Is there any update on this matter? I’ve been having the same problems with double figure CPU usage, and various threads report similar issues.

Hey there, similar problem with 4.10.1:

Situation didn’t change, even after hours. Why does it need nearly 1 GB (!) of RAM and that much CPU power (20% on a overclocked i7-4790K)…?


We’re aware of these issues with CPU and Memory spikes. It’s part of our hardening initiative to start improving performance. Future releases should start taking care of these problems!

We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing and appreciate your patience as we work on these issues.

Similar problem here, using 10-12% in launcher but only when in Library tab. The ue4 editor uses less than 1% when doing nothing.

What is the launcher doing?

I found this problem was never fixed till now!

This is an obvious bug I think almost every PC will be encounted. Why should us must provide some “log info”…

You guys(UE4) can test it by yourselves, just open the “Epic Games Launcher” and watch the Windows Task Monitor.

Its give me a really bad feeling when I got so huge cpu usage just by a “Launcher”.

Only workaround is to close the launcher each time by hand. I am sorry, I need my CPU for UE4 and not for the launcher. :wink:

Not sure if this actually matters… but, when I minimized the launcher I noticed the CPU and memory usage went way down.

Version 4.10.2. I’ve ran Shadow Complex and watching in Task Manager as Launcher continue consume from 10% up to 35% of CPU! What is wrong with it?

Minimize the launcher and the utilization will go down. I know, silly… But it works for me and others.

Jesus, it has been almost half a year now…