4.8.3 is crashing on when editor comes up


I have been experiencing crashes multiple times, in the past day with 4.8.3. I made a advance vehicle project, once it loaded and try to click on the car to move over and the crash report appeared. I send that and then it reopen the project again. This time the editor went completely blank in color, and I had to do a hard shutdown on my mac. I have the crash report client zip and attached. Please let me know if these are correct files.link text

Hey xFREDx,

The only logs that would, in most cases, include the crash callstack would be the logs for the project you’re running([PROJECTNAME]/saved/logs). Also, if you get a crashreporter window that comes up:

  1. Grab all of the text in the callstack section
  2. Paste it into a .txt file
  3. Attach the txt file to a comment here

This is a much more concise callstack than what is in the logs.

ALSO make sure you hit send on the crashreport. This will allow me to look it up in our system and possibly link it to an existing bug.

Could you also attempt to download the 4.9 Preview and let me know if it’s still occurring?


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