4.8.3. Animation Starter Pack - export to *.fbx does not include Translation Retargeting result

Here´s a simple Repro:

  1. Add AnimStarterPack to your Project
    2)Navigate to the AnimStarterPack and double click Rifle_Reload_Hip
    3)In the Skeleton Tree, enable “Show Advanced Options”
  2. Note that Root and Pelvis are set to Animation, everything else is set to Skeleton", ignore the settings for the extra IK controls for now (e.g. Ik_foot_root, etc)
  3. Find the Asset Browser in this window, to your right, select “Reload_Rifle_Hip” - not in the Content Browser, inside the Asset Browser.
    6)Right-Click and select “Export to FBX”
    7)When asked if you would like to export the current skeletal mesh with the animations, click yes.
    7)Load into the 3D Application of your choice (I´m using Maya to test this, anything from 2014-2016 will do)
    8)Inside your 3D package, note that the skeletal mesh looks off, squashed arms, twist bones way off, ball joints off.
    9)Now back inside UE 4.8.3 editor, for your Skeleton Tree, select the root bone, right click and select “Recursively set Retargeting Translation Animation”
  4. Now your Skeletal Mesh display looks like in the 3D package. Actually, both are garbled now.

Not useable AND something with the twist bones, ball hierarchy and baking to keys seems to break on top.

Desired result:

Export to FBX includes the result of setting Translation Retargeting instead of saving out an *.fbx as if everything is set to “Animation”

or at least offer a choice.


Swapping a skeletal mesh against another skeletal mesh using the same UE4_Mannequin Skeleton and trying to export the retargeted animation as seen in the editor
is blocked this way. It would be desireable to retarget inside UE4, then export and “just” cleanup the already working retargeting, not having to start from scratch
and even loosing UE4´s retarget results, having only the raw animation to start with.

For Comparison:

In your Content Browser: Find the Rifle_Reload_Hip animation inside the AnimStarterPack, right click and export, this will give you the original animation at least,
without any weird issues but also without the desired effect of retargeting.