4.8.2 Reflection Captures not Work on Stand Alone Play

Similar Problem Here.

Fully dinamic light. Movable Skylight, Movable directional Light + Atmospheric Fog + LPV.

Playing in Viewport, this is the result (looks fine):


In Stand Alone this is the result (all green).


BUT… sometimes happends in editor. And if I “Update Reflection Captures” (no one in scene), in editor works. But in game, I cant do this.

If Epic needs I can send my project files. I have a debug zone with very low features.

Hi ,

Dynamic lighting isn’t supported for reflection captures. I’d imagine that the use of LPV, movable light and skylight is why you’re going to see the black reflections during play.

In the editor the reflection capture is set to a dynamic mode to make it easier for editing and placement, but this dynamic not active during play.

Try switching your lighting to stationary and building lighting for a comparison. You should see the reflection capture show then for any objects that receive static lighting that can be baked to a texture. Dynamic lighting, and dynamic bounce lighting from LPV will not be present.

Thank you!


But in this case, there is no reflections captures on scene. And the problem is with SkyLight. The Wall is the starter content. Pure white. No Reflections. There is a link between Skylight and Reflection Captures.

But, Its Solved on 4.9 preview 1.