[4.8.2] BP: Adding event parameter breaks references

Hi there,

when I enter a new parameter to an event node it is not added automatically to it’ calling nodes.


  • Open level blueprint
  • Create custom event node ‘testevent’
  • Enter ‘On Begin Play’ node, call ‘testevent’ from there
  • Add new boolean parameter ‘new param’ to event node
  • Compile blueprint

Expected: New parameter gets added to calling nodes with its default value (a manual refresh seems to fix this).

BTW: Shouldn’t there be a checkbox for booleans available to set default value instead of a text input field? I can enter different values there but can’t delete it afterwards:

Hi ,

Thanks for report! This is indeed an issue in 4.8 (and earlier, I believe), but it’s already been fixed in our internal branch. fix should be included in 4.9 release, but I can’t guarantee that. As you’ve discovered, way to resolve this is to right-click node and select Refresh Nodes, then recompile.

Default Value being a text field is a known issue. It’s expecting proper syntax for types, and doesn’t make any sense for arrays. There’s a report in for this already (UE-11189) but it’s relatively low priority. I’ve emailed devs to alert them to it again, in case it’s an easy fix.

Thanks again!

Thank you.

Any news about it?

It’s not even listed in public bugtracker:

Hey ,

I’ve made it public for you to view.

Have a great day

Hi Sean,

thank you, but just out of curiosity: Why should descriptions of known bugs be non-public…? Doesn’t that counteract whole idea of a public issue tracker? And why was this question marked as ‘resolved’ when underlying issue isn’t fixed for one and a half year (no offense)?

EDIT: Fixed a typo.

We mark topics as resolved for tracking purposes once ticket has been entered into our system.

public bug process is not automatic so that we are able to filter out reports that contain sensitive information. While newer reports get marked as public right away, older reports such as this may not be public as we have not run through entire backlog, so it’s possible that you’ll find a stray once in a while that hasn’t been made public yet. We’re always more than happy to look into making an issue public so it never hurts to ask.

Many thanks.