[4.8.2] Asset save-prompt on RENAMED and SAVED asset

I’ve noticed that when you create a new asset and keep its auto generated name

E.g. when you create a new blueprint and don’t name it anything, its name then becomes → “NewBlueprint

Then you still get prompted with a message box telling asking you whether you want to save the “NewBlueprint” asset or not (which doesn’t exist anymore). This works for any asset.

To reproduce

  • Create a new asset
  • Click on the side of the asset to accept its auto-generated name
  • rename the asset to something else
  • save the asset in the new name
  • Get prompted to save non-existing asset

~Per “Gimmic” Johansson

Hi Ginmic,

I have not been able to reproduce this on my end. Have you tried to do this in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is this limited to one project? When you click the side of the asset, do you mean off of the asset entirely or simply on the side of the assets selectable space? Have you tried this in 4.8.3?

Tested with a blank non C++ project and this also occurs there.

“On the side of the asset” I just mean that by any method which removes the selection from the newly created asset. Clicking on the viewport, on another asset, almost any method except for pressing escape which deletes the newly created asset.

I found something interseting that would suggest that it’s just a reference in some modified-asset list which hasn’t been removed.

When this bug occurs, then I can “cancel” it by creating a new asset which e.g. get the name: “NewBlueprint” then remove it’s selection, and finally deleting it. Then I won’t get prompted with a save-prompt anymore.

I haven’t tried 4.8.3 yet.

~Per “Gimmic” Johansson

Tried with version 4.8.3 with the same result, I still get the save-asset prompt after having saves the asset. Here’s a gif: demonstrating the process in detail

~Per “Gimimc” Johansson

Hi Gimmic,

Thank you for the gif. I was able to reproduce this error and have entered a bug report, UE-19434, to be assessed by the development staff.