[4.8.1]UE4Editor crashes on building light

Hi gurus,

I have just created a blank project with starter content, opened it with default level, and click “build”, then UE4 Editor crashed!

I have tried it many time, it crashed every time. below is crash report from windows:

问题签名: // issue signature
  问题事件名称:	APPCRASH
  应用程序名:	UE4Editor.exe
  应用程序版本:  // application version
  应用程序时间戳:	5582de35
  故障模块名称:	igdusc64.dll
  故障模块时间戳:	535820af
  异常代码:	c0000005
  异常偏移:	000000000017c082
  OS 版本:	6.1.7601.  // OS version
  区域设置 ID:	2052
  其他信息 1:	9ce5
  其他信息 2:	9ce5ddf3308207a4f92b4d1326636722
  其他信息 3:	886a
  其他信息 4:	886a67e8bae56d768a11880beb063dca

My machines’s info:

  • Windows 7 Profession SP1 64 bit
  • Dell E7240 with Intel i5-4310U CPU
  • RAM 16GB

I’m using latest version 4.8.1 of UE4, is it a bug of UE4? Or what should I do to workaroud it?

Thanks in advance!

Island Chen

just downloaded 4.7.6 version, and repeat my operation, this time the “build” is ok with default level. It seems it’s a bug of 4.8!

Anyone answering light build stall issue or are we just going to ignore it?

Hi all,

We’ve assigned a member of our staff to look into this issue for you. Please copy and paste information from Crash Reporter window when this crash occurs, and /attach log from project’s Saved\Logs folder. Thanks!

Hey flyisland,

I attempted to reproduce crash you are reporting in binary release of 4.8.2, but was unable to do so. Are you using a source build or binary release of engine?

Would you mind testing this issue in a 4.8.2 build to see if crash still occurs? Let me know if you have any other questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,

Hi all, just tried 4.8.2, same issue!

But I tried 4.8.1 on my another laptop (Lenovo T410 with Win7), building is successful.

I guess this issue is related to display card.

Hey flyisland,

If you are getting correct results with same project on a different computer, we can assume it is your other computers hardware or software that is causing issue. I would suggest updating your drivers.