[4.8.1] Spline is broken

Hi, we are using UE version 4.8.1 and have some problems with Splines.

  1. When you add Spline to empty actor, there is now way to edit the spline. But that is semi-ok, because you can create blueprint which will derive from Actor and add spline there.

  2. When Spline is in blueprint, you can only edit it only when its in the world, not in the blueprint. What is worse, you cannot apply changes from Spline in the world to the blueprint. (“No properties were copied”).

  3. When applying changes to blueprint with “Close Loop” bool checked, the editor crashes with the following message: Unknown exception - code 00000001 (first/second chance not available) - Pastebin.com

Anyone? It seems like Spline is also broken for 4.8 and 4.7.6

Can you provide some example contents?

What do you mean? Example project? Just create new, empty project, add new actor blueprint and add Spline component to it. Place that blueprint on the scene, change spline (add new element, and move it) and than click Apply Instance Changes. Thats it. It won’t work. Than check Closed Loop bool on the spline component and click Apply again. It will crash.

Hi dex3r,

I don’t fully understand what you mean in regards to number 1. Number 2 is expected behavior, I was able to reproduce 3. once, however it seems to have been fixed in the most recent internal builds as I cannot reproduce it. Can you elaborate on what you mean with the first point?

So you cannot have configured spline in a blueprint? Why is that? That is a little bit disappointing.
In regards to nr. 1:

  1. Add empty actor to the scene.
  2. Add Spline component to it.
  3. Try edit spline segments or add new segments.

This is a limitation because currently spline points are not treated as components. We’re looking into future options, however I don’t have a timeframe of if or when these changes will be made readily available. If you mean editing individual splines in the details pane for transforms and actions similar to this it this is still in the same vein of problems as number 2. Until the spline points are treated as components there will not be a way to be able to update them manually through the details pane. What you can do in the meantime is create a vector array of editable vectors with Show 3D Widget active and it will give you a bit more fine control over where the spline points are located, but you cannot affect tangents with this.