4.8.1 engine crashes after importing animation fbx

Whenever I try to import an animation fbx file, I get a “failed attempt” message. second time I try to import, there’s no options box, and it attempts to import, and proceeds to crash engine. I’m using ART export tools provided for Maya. Also, I just updated to 4.8.1 today.

open fbx you want to import and make sure amount of bones and names match those in skel file.

is same one that was generated by the “export file” using Maya ART toolset. But to be on safe side, I checked fbx side by side with skeletal rig, and bone names all line up.

same happens when you want to import animation as a ?

Hi aaron_saluk -

Can you share Maya asset file for us to test this issue with? We are currently unable to reproduce this message with assets we have on hand.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I’ve been trying to attach fbx files to this comment, but this site won’t allow me to upload them. Is there some other way I could share files with you?

Hi aaron,

If it’s small enough, you can it and attach file here. Otherwise, you can upload it somewhere like Dropbox or Google Drive (both free) and give us a download link. Thanks!

this is rig file
link text

these are some of animations
link text
link text
link text

Hi aaron -

Animation FBXs you sent are empty, I tried opening them in Max and Maya and there is nothing in them. Can you double check to make sure that they have correct assets saved into them?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I double checked and exported another fbx using ART toolset, and there does seem to be a problem. joints are initially visible and show keyframes when file is reimported, and then immediately dissappear once they’re clicked off of. I’ve been using the “export animation” dialogue box. I’m going to try to export an fbx manual way and see if I get better results.

Ok, I was unable to export an fbx using manual joint selection method, because referenced files used by ART toolset don’t allow me to select joint hierarchy normally.
I’d rather not tear apart rig file and risk breaking something at this point. It would seem that the “export animation” options built into ART tools aren’t working correctly. I don’t know how else to explain this.
Its worth mentioning that this is my third post that has lead me back to a reevaluation of UE4 rigging tools for Maya. As much as I love ease of use that these tools offer, I’ve also encountered problems that I as a user was not able to directly address. That being said, support from Epic on these tools has been excellent each time, and has lead to a careful resolution of each problem.

Hi aaron -

If possible can you share your Maya Scene File so I can take a look at your model with ART settings in Maya? If you would like to keep it private feel free to send a link to file to me via Private Message system in Forums.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

here are files. I don’t know how to send a private message, so once you’ve downloaded them, please tell me, and I’ll deactivate links.

this is ART rig export file exportfile

this is ART animRig file animRig

this is walk animation maya scene SkylarWalk

this is dive roll animation maya scene SkylarDiveRoll

I don’t know if its needed, but heres bitmaps generated by ART tools

large largeBitmap
small smallBitmap

Done, feel free to remove links.

Has there been any progress on this? Did I make a mistake in way I used ART tools?

Hey Aaron,

I’ll be looking into this issue for you. We had a similar bug reported, but there was no crash involved.

Is editor giving you a crashreporter window with a callstack?


Hey ,
This is crash report it sends. If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. I’d love to get to bottom of this problem.

Can you copy/paste everything in callstack window into a txt file for me? This way I can look it up in our system and see if we have any other users with it and also check if it’s been bugged before.

here’s text. I hope it helps.link text

I hate to be squeaky wheel, but are there any updates on this?