[4.8.0 P1] OnComponentBeginOverlap: Compiler Warning

Since 4.8.0 P1 I get this error message when using OnComponentBeginOverlap on an Trigger Volume:

Is this a bug or did I something wrong and there was just no warning message before 4.8? blueprint worked as expected in 4.7.6…

Hey ,

This appears to be a bug, but it’s already been fixed in our main internal branch (4.9). I don’t believe it will affect functionality at all, but please let us know if it does. I’ll see about entering something so maybe warning won’t pop up in 4.8. Thanks for report!

Did a quick check, and it looks like this is fixed for 4.8p2. Please let us know if you still see it after next preview is released. Thanks!

Great, I will report back then.