[4.8.0] - One of my levels is running 91ms+/frame

Hey Guys,

I am not sure if this is a bug but one of my levels is running at a crawl but it only happens once I start using an input device. I tested another level which using a new track generation tool I created and it worked fine but I’m not seeing any reason this would’ve changed from 6-8ms I had in the last build since nothing has changed and that level is using a depreciated level design tool.

I’m not too incredibly worried since that I only care if my new tool is working but I did some perf testing and am seeing just a ton of CPU Wait events and nothing from the game that is causing such an extreme hit.

I unfortunately won’t be able to send the level as it has a bunch of references to other assets in the game and would cause me to send the whole thing but if you’d like me to provide you with the profile stat files, I absolutely can do that.

Thanks again.


I’m trying to understand the circumstances where you’re seeing the poor performance. You mentioned that it occurs only when there’s an input device. Is it performing poorly in editor using your track gen tool or only when you play using a track that was created with your tool?


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Hey ,

Sorry about that. I was on vacation last week and also E3. Okay so to answer your question, it performs poorly on a specific level in my build that worked great in 4.7.6.

The level in question uses an older track gen tool I created between 4.0.1 and 4.4 but those BP’s being used haven’t been changed.

I had a feeling it possibly could be caused by my custom Joystick plugin but I’d see the same result on other test levels unfortunately.

Let me know if you have a couple ideas to test and I can give them a shot.

Thanks !

EDIT: What I noticed is on that specific level where it is apparent, is the second I move any input device, Joystick, XB1 Controller, KB/Mouse, it starts choking up.

I ran through some profiling and I see a ton of CPU - Wait Events listed as taking over 90ms and can’t seem to find them pointing back to anything particular in my project but I may be wrong.

I talked to some of our engineers and they’d like to have you run a couple tests.

When you get the slowdown, open up the output log, right click in the output log and select Clear Log. Then at the bottom of the output log, enter the following one at a time:

  1. stat dumpframe
  2. stat dumpframe -ms=0
  3. stat dumpave
  4. stat dumpave -ms=0

Copy all of the log text and past into a txt doc and attach that here.


Sounds great ! I will be able to do this tonight for you. Thanks


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Hey ,

Apologies about the delay. Things got pretty slammed this week so I didn’t get a moment to test that out for you.

I’ll definitely get some results for you by this weekend to take a look at next week when you get into the office.

If we don’t speak, have a great 4th of July and I’ll link back up with you early next week and have those results for you by Monday.

Take Care

Alright! , you guys must have fixed it in 4.8.1. 4.8 build ran like mentioned above (only during that one level) but 4.8.1 has no problems whatsoever. You can close this one out but if it happens again, I’ll continue the post.

Awesome job again and have a great day!!!

Glad it’s fixed in 4.8.1. Happy developing!