[4.8.0 binary] Missing localization manifest files

I was testing Localization Dashboard and I found these bugs:

  1. Binary version (4.8.0-2579680+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.8) downloaded from launcher is missing manifest files /Engine/Content/Localization/{everyFolder}/{folderName}.manifest, so setting any Target Dependencies results in error while gathering. I’ve checked and those files are available in github 4.8 branch after compiling.
  2. If UnrealEngine is located on different hard drive than project, then gathering also fails due to wrong path to manifest files mentioned above. First lines in generated {project}\Config\Localization\Game_Gather.ini seems to be a problem:


Hi Krzysiu,

I’ve fixed the issue where the manifest/archive files were not being include in the binary engine release. You’ll see that fixed in 4.8.1.

As for part two, I’ll have someone else respond for a fix for that.

Thanks so much for reporting these!

CL# 2587800 has been submitted to Perforce and should resolve the issue.

Localization dashboard code that generates the necessary configuration scripts was trying to generate a path to the manifest dependency file as relative to the project directory, but obviously this would fail for paths through different drives as there is no possible relative path. Now, an absolute path is used when no relative path is possible.