4.7p5 Error messages from Git plugin submission

I thought I’d give this new Git integration a whirl and see how it goes. I installed a private Git server on a Digital Ocean droplet, pushed my project up there and fired up UE. I made a change to my first map and told it to submit and I got a ton of errors in the message log about files from the editor being outside the repository. So I’m not sure if I setup something wrong or this is just a normal thing or what?

I have my UE installed on my D: drive, and my projects are in C:/Users/Tiger/My Documents/Unreal Engine/

Here are my .gitignore and .gitattributes files I made:
[link text][1]

Hi! Sorry for the delay, at first I did not see the link to AnswerHub with all the required details!

perhaps it is contextual, I mean, depends on the exact command you run to check-in.

I do right click on the map file on the content browser, and then “check - in”
I suspect you did a “global check in” and that may well try to check the status of all assets of your project, such as the starter content that is located in the Engine directory, outside of your project.

I am not sure of what can be done for such cases. Does Perforce or Subversion handle this case differently?

Hi Furroy,

We have not heard back from you on this issue for a while. Do you still need help with this issue? I will be marking this issue as resolved for tracking purposes. Please feel free to re-open this post if you need any additional help.

Well I just reported it as a bug/shortcoming with the git plugin. Clearly this will happen to anyone who has a project with starter content. So it’s up to you guys if you’re going to fix it or whatever.


The messages are benign. I left them being reported for information purposes. The Perforce and Subversion plugins report the same errors when you do not have your engine content under your repository too. Git’s message is more characteristically dramatic though :wink:

The error logs have been remove from the git plugin yesterday, with one of my Pull Request, so this will be fixed/hidden in UE4.8