4.7p4 Paper2D Terrain has wrong collision thickness

I am investigating replacing my 2D terrain with the new experimental PaperTerrains using splines & sprites. One thing I’ve noticed is that it isn’t making the terrain as thick as I expected. There is a Collision Thickness setting which I’ve increased to 40, but it seems to end up building the collision thickness at around 10, so about 1/3 to 1/4 of the thickness I asked for.

Here I’ve placed a terrain spline into my map next to an existing sprite sheet that is 40 thick. You can see from the settings the terrain should also be 40 thick. I highlighted the lines a little by hand so you can see what I’m talking about.

I don’t need a work around, since I just triple the thickness that I wanted and it seems to be ok, just reporting so it can hopefully be fixed in 4.7!

It looks like this was addressed in preview 5 for any of you following along at home. The overall thickness is double the amount you supply here, so I’m not sure if it still counts as a bug or they intended you to specify a half thickness. If an Epic dev reads this, at least update the thickness tooltip to clarify. Ty!

Hey Furroy,

Sorry I’m only getting to this now, it got kinda lost in my stack.

So I just tested this in Preview 7, and the Collision Thickness on the Spline Terrain seems to match the Collision Thickness on other Sprites in my level. Can you verify if this is still happening in Preview 7 for you? Thanks!

This seems to have been completely fixed in preview 7. \o/