4.7p4 Paper2D Terrain Collision bounds above spline

So this seems like a bug to me, but perhaps I’m just not understanding/using it right. I’m trying to use the new experimental Paper2D spline terrains. It is generating a collision bounding box, but it’s putting the top of the collision boxes above the spline. It does a great job of aligning the top of my textures to the center of the spline (if I leave the top half of my images empty) but then with the collision box above the spline, my characters are always floating above the ground.

Also, I don’t know how it’s calculating the height of the bound box to know how much to raise my images to compensate for this issue. Hopefully it’s just a bug that will get fixed in 4.7.

Answering my own question again. This was fixed in preview 5 if anyone else runs across this. (Although there are new bugs where it sometimes doesn’t make any collision boxes at all…)