4.7p3 InputActions don't appear under Event Graph

To me, this seems like a bug, but perhaps there’s some valid reason they don’t do this?

To repro, just make a new project that inherits from the Vehicle project. Open up the Sedan BP and click to expand the Event Graph on the left side. There you will see all the other input type events, InputAxis, Touch Events, etc except for InputActions like Handbrake and SwitchCamera, which are conspicuously absent.

It’s been a couple weeks, so I’m bumping in hopes it gets fixed in 4.7. It’s really annoying when you have made your own custom events and you can’t find in which event graph they are hidden.

Hey Furroy-

It seems that this is true about any event that does not naturally show up under “Add Event” in the right click menu. I have entered this bug into our internal tracking database (UE-9225) for further investigation.