4.7p3 corrupted text in FeaturesTour2014(just made available for 4.7)

Feature Tour 2014 was just updated in launcher with 4.7 support.

Create project. Play->Selected View Port.

Walk inside and stand in front of Blueprint Communication section so you can read the plaque.

Stop simulation. The text under Blueprint Communication becomes deformed.

BP_DemoDisplay_8->Text->Description 2nd Line

I checked the tree across and some in first room. No issue.

Just wanted to add, it’s repeatable. Ran verify via launcher and recreated. However, if you put new text in field the text was ok.

[link text][2]

Hey ngrts -

Thank you for the catch. It looks like you can correct this very simply by moving the Platform up and then down which should correct the text and then rebuild lighting. Please let me know if this does not resolve the issue.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Yes, I can’t reproduce it anymore. Thanks!