4.7.X Rotating a brush causes texture stretching on geometry build

This bug was actually discovered in the early previews of 4.7 but we couldn’t figure out the cause or how to reproduce it. I now believe this to be the cause:

-Create a brush (preferably easier to see with a box brush) and align textures to planar.

-Duplicate the brush and rotate it 90deg (any rotation should do it, really) and build geometry

-Again align texture to planar and it will look fine. However, the next time geometry is built, the surface reverts to the stretched texture. This will continue to happen anytime geometry is built for any rotated brush.

** Note - If the rotation of the brush in question is reset, this goes away.

I can provide a video if needed (I couldn’t record at the time of this posting).


Hey jayoplus,

I followed the steps you provided, and attempted multiple times, but have been unable to reproduce the issue you are reporting thus far.

Would you mind providing the video you mentioned?

That or some more specific reproducible steps so that I do not overlook or skip anything important. Also, what version of the Engine are you usng? Preview 4?

Thank you,


Sure. Find the video below.
I also show the version of engine I’m currently using at the start of the video. I’m currently working with the version that is loaded into the Unreal Tournament repository (since that’s the project I’m working on). However, I actually started noticing this issue from the first 4.7 preview.


Hello jayoplus,

Would you mind testing this issue in the latest preview binary release? I would like to see if you can get it to reproduce there as well. I am thus far, unsuccessful so the fix might be already implemented.




Sorry for the late reply. I just updated to preview 5 from the Unreal Launcher and I am still getting the same behavior. Tested in a new blank project as well as using Blueprint Office project (just wanted to test it with another project that I could download).
Not sure why it’s not reproducing on your end because it happens everytime I build geometry on any rotated brush (especially after aligning the surface to planar mapping).

Ok so to clarify, you were able to reproduce your issue in 4.7 preview 5 binary within the Blueprint Office project?

I will try again to test it inside of these parameters to see if I can get the same results you are reporting.



Yes sir. And thanks a lot for looking into it. ^_^.

I’m also getting this in 4.7.3. Very annoying.

Here are simplified, 100% repro steps:

  1. Drag in a BSP Box
  2. Rotate the BSP by 90 degrees
  3. Select a surface of that BSP
  4. Shift + B to select all of it’s surfaces
  5. Align Surface Planar
  6. Build geometry


Edit: Two workarounds I have found.

  1. Select all offending surfaces after building geometry and then apply a planar alignment before saving.
  2. Delete/rotate the offending BSPs back to their original orientation.

Hey GD09Scott,

Thank you for the suggested workaround. I do have some good news that there are quite a few BSP fixes being implemented in 4.8. All we ask is you continue to report issues and remain patient while we work hard to get these fixes implemented.

Thanks again,