4.7 WorldComposition - import tiled landscape bug?


I imported a tiled landscape in UE4.6.1 and all was fine (except that in 4.6 you cannot use Material Instance), but when I try to import the same heightmap in UE4.7 as tiled landscape I always get a bunch of warnings “Landscape ([ProxyName]) has overlapping render components at location ([X,Y])”…, and parts of my landscape are not rendered.

I suppose it’s a bug in UE4.7 since it worked fine in 4.6.1

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Unfortunately it’s a regression that went into 4.7 unnoticed.
There is a fix in master

It will be part of 4.8 release.

Any idea when 4.8 is due to release? I would like to know because then I can work out whether to jump on asset development to offset the time :slight_smile:

would this be the reason i do not see my terrain at all, it just shows grey squares in the world composition browser

That bug with importing was fixed in 4.7.3, do you still see those warnings on importing?

I never actually got any errors that was the weird part, my land just never showed up and trying to select them and hit load did nothing, all I could see in world composition window was grey squares

Do you see any LandscapeProxy actors in the actor list, when you load imported tiles?

Nah it just won’t load tiles, it did fine with 10km by 10km with 4 tiles per side with a resolution of like 1.2m per pixel. But I did 20 by 20km and 4 tiles per side and it doesn’t even load when I right click and hit load

Does editor freeze when you try to load them or just do nothing? Is there something in the logs (open Window->Developer Tools->Output Log)?

Nope it just doesn’t do anything, you can select all the tiles and click load, but it doesn’t actually load anything at all. It wouldn’t be so bad if world machine didn’t take like a whole day to build a large world

Never seen such behavior before. Could you share your persistent map along with one imported tile? So I can debug this problem with loading here. Or just source heightmap files.

I’ll grab a set of the broken raw16 files, they weren’t working on any levels so the persistent map isn’t the issue, probably use Google Drive to send them off since I have a third world Internet connection

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We haven’t heard from you in several days. Is this error still occurring for you? If so, can you upload the .raw16 files here so we can take a look? Thank you!

Honestly I think it was just the meters per pixel I was getting when we built a 20km x 20km map using only 4 x 4 tiles. After building the same map again, with the same resolution of 2017 x 2017 only this time using 10 x 10 tiles we are happy to report no issues at all.

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I’m happy to hear this is no longer an error for you. I will mark this report as answered for tracking purposes. If the problem occurs again, please feel free to post here with updated information and I’ll be happy to look into it.

Man do I ever feel dumb, So i have discovered that changing the names of the .r16 files to have no spaces will make it work, not sure if thats been the issue the whole time but this new landscape wasnt working, and then i removed the spaces from the name and blam works like a charm

Could you write here exact name of .r16 file with spaces? I will try to repro it

do you one better, here’s a link to one of the 100 tiles, it will import but when you try to load it it wont work, changing the spaces to dashes or even removing them all together fixed the issue on my end

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A bug report, UE-15730 has been enteredfor the error involving names that include spaces.