[4.7] Static Camera on Player Blueprint


adding a static mesh to FirstPersonCharacter blueprint in 4.7, attaching it to camera and then setting it from movable to static causes camera to turn static as well, which renders camera itself useless, as it can’t be moved anymore. There is no way of changing it back other than creating a new camera and replacing old one.

Maybe let people change camera’s to be either static or moveable, just as they can with meshes.

Hi lonerider543,

I tested this in 4.7.0 but was not able to reproduce this behavior, though I may have used a substantially different method. Can you list exact steps you take to attach actor to character’s camera, including where and when, starting from a new project? Thanks!

Hey ,

sorry I didn’t make it quite clear enough, I was in a bit of a rush yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

Start a new first person project and open up FirstPersonCharacter blueprint. Add a StaticMesh component and then in components window, drag StaticMesh onto FirstPersonCamera to attach it. ( tooltip will say ‘Drop here to attach StaticMesh to FirstPersonCamera’). Then select StaticMesh Component and change mobility to static. It will say that it changed 1 other component’s mobility as well. When you then compile and save blueprint and play in editor you won’t be able to move camera. Upon stopping play it will give you an error: Warning Mobility of FirstPersonCharacter_C_0 : FirstPersonCamera has to be 'Movable' if you'd like to move.

Unfortunately, there is no way to set FirstPersonCamera to Movable anymore. Rendering it useless. (At least I didn’t find a way… usual buttons for Static and Movable are not there on a camera component.)

Hey lonerider543,

Thanks for details! I can see same behavior, however I believe this is partly intentional. In our internal build, same setup will give an additional warning, because adding a Static component to a movable Root component (in this case, collision capsule of character BP) isn’t possible, and it will abort process before completing. In your case, even putting StaticMeshComponent on Root will cause same problem.

It’s odd that removing Static component at that point will make whole BP permanently Static, so I will confer with developers about that and probably enter a bug report for it. I’ll update this post when I have a bug report number or more information from devs.

In meantime, is there a reason you need a Static component in your character BP? This is generally going to cause problems. If you can let us know what you’re attempting to achieve with this setup, we might be able to help you figure out a suitable workaround or better workflow.

Did a quick search, and it appears we have a bug report in our system already for not being able to fix mobility of a BP after deleting Static component (UE-3551). It’s a bit old, so I updated it with information from this post. I’ll let you know if I see an update on it. For now, only way to repair character BP after something like this is to delete camera component and create a new one.

Hey ,

thank you, but this actually happened completely incidental. I was just messing around trying to find a solution to a different problem here: Collision on mesh attached to player not working - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

I tested to see if making mesh static instead of movable would resolve issue with collision, but in end it just caused even more problems :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I don’t quite understand why anyone would want a static mesh inside character BP, but I just thought I’d be problematic for those who try and do it anyway and then end up with a broken camera, haha.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

From C++ :
AActor->K2_GetRootComponent()->Mobility = EComponentMobility::Movable;

Just bumped onto this in 4.9.2. Changed some child component to static, in result parent camera component also changed to static and no way to set it back to movable

Issue still persists in 4.10.

4.10, is there a fix for this? will recreating camera work?

Hi ,

No update at this time on bug report, but yes, creating a new camera will work.

creating a new camera did fix problem, thanx alot!