4.7 StarterMap load time on Mac 10.9.5


Very interested in seeing the new stuff added to UE 4.7 I decided to make a new Blank Project with Starter Content. I did the same yesterday with UE 4.6.1.

In 4.6.1 I loaded the StarterMap level and didn’t really notice how long it took to load it.

In 4.7 I try to load the StarterMap, and it is now 66% (the first 58% takes about 1 second to load) after trying to load the map for 20 minutes. I did manage to get into the Minimal map with no problems, but the StarterMap is loading extremely slow in 4.7.

Sadly cannot use 4.7 with these load times.

EDIT: Might be useful to know: At these slow parts it says “Finalizing load of M_Metal_GOLD/RUST” and so on

Thats the first load only because the shaders need to compile first.

Ok, I had to abandon the load since it slowed down the laptop too much. Will try to load again, and if it ever finishes I can try to verify what you said. Thanks mate. (Will mark as solved when I see it working fine)

Well, that just shows me to be more patient. Thanks Footman, second load was very fast.