4.7 Spline does not working anymore

Hi people,

I would like to report an issue with the Spline (Blueprint component).

In the 4.7, modifications on splines are no more saved inside the blueprint.

For our project we have to create a spline on a track mesh and save all that inside a blueprint. The spline will be used as a path for some actors (patrol) and will be spawn with the track mesh at run time during the game.

How I do that ?

I drop in the level the static mesh of my track.

I add the spline component on the static mesh.

The spline itself is not editable right now, I have to save the static mesh and the spline in a blueprint to make the spline editable.

The spline is edited as required.

In the Edit Blueprint button i select the option “Apply Instance Changes to Blueprint” to save the edited spline.

But I have a message who tell me that “No properties were copied”

If I select the spline i can read that “Bplueprinted componenet must be edited in the bluerint”

But inside the blueprint editor the spline is not editable.

I can not created a completly new blueprint from my static mesh and the edited spline, I can only creat a child who will have the same probleme as the parent.

Edited spline is not saved from the level to the blueprint, and spline is not editable in the blueprint editor.

Dead lock.

Our project is now rollback to 4.6 to continue.

I hope that this issue will be fixed soon, 4.7 give us so much tools, we does not want to miss that.

Best regards.

Hi Milen Ivanov,

I’m sorry that this issue is keeping your team from upgrading to 4.7. We have it logged as JIRA UE-7476 in our system and it’s being investigated by the developers.



4.9.2 - still not fixed. When?

Hi 62316e,

This is part of several fixes and additions that we have planned, however we do not have an ETA on when they will be implemented.

This isn’t a blocker, right now spline are fully functional but they must be edited inside of the viewport.