4.7 problem with deleting array entries


i have a problem with a part of my code

i create an array and i pull out a random object,using get and a random intenger in range,that works as a target for a particle effect,than i feed the location to the spawnactor node ,in the end i remove that object from the array using remove item,because for the next spawnactor,i want the particle effect being spawned in another place,i don’t want any chance of 2 things being spawned at the same location
when the execution flow goes on and there’s the other spawnactor it agains grabs a random entry from the array,that at this point should be resized minus the one i have already used…

problem is:sometimes i still get particles in the same location

i’m pretty sure i’ve aòready used this code with success a couple of time…so what am i missing?

any advice? thanks

i tried referencing everything with variables,i tried delays,functions…nothing
even if i remove the item in every random value taken
still happens that i have 2 particles at the same location…

what am i missing??


It may be helpful to show a code snippet, to help us understand exactly what you are trying to do in code.

really nothing more than what i have written,super easy…

a simply spawnactor from class that spawns a particle effect at the location of a random target point pulled out from an array

after the spawning i delete that target point entry from the array using remove item,

than after a delay a spawn another particle system and again the whole process

but…i still get 2 particles system at the same location…