[4.7 Preview] SimpleMove failes on TopDown template and projects

Branch: Binary

Build version: 4.7.0 - 2388154

Description: I came across this issue trying to test out my projects with 4.7 preview. call to UNavigationSystem::SimpleMoveToLocation just fails. movement components are all set in both cases. I will debug issue further to add more information.

This is log that I get from both template project and my game project:

Warning: Warning SimpleMove failed for TopDownPlayerController_0: movement not allowed

Repro Steps:

  1. Open a clean TopDown template project, C++ or BP, it happens in both
  2. Press play button


Hi Moss,

This is a known issue we have logged in our database as UE-7254. I’ll let you know when I see an update on it. Thanks for report!

It is still working in 4.6.1 unfortunately still hasn’t been fixed in 4.7 preview 2 :frowning: Thanks in advance for fix when it comes about Epic :slight_smile:

I found out that this warning comes when you use “Simulate Physics” in Actor (Character). Hope it helps…
Make sure you don’t use it in Mesh or in Capsule, just disable everywhere in Actor you want to move by “Simple Move to Location” and try it.

Still no news on this?

Hi HitEmUp,

It’s scheduled to be worked on for 4.8, but we have no release date for that yet.