4.7 Preview 8 Reimport of Paper2Dsprites broken

So this might have broken in preview five and I just didn’t notice, I didn’t do a lot of sprite reimporting last week.

But it used to be I could reimport the paper2sprite asset and it automatically reimported the associated sprite sheet texture and the flipbook was updated as well. Now doesn’t quite work right any more, the texture doesn’t seem to be reimported, and if any of the orientations of the sprites were changed, these new rotations are not taken into account like they used to be.

Hey Furroy,

Thank you for your report. Before I begin testing this issue are there any specific steps I should take to reproduce this indefinitely?

Thank you,

well I use TexturePacker and switch the texture packing back and forth between normal and max rects and that will do a pretty good job of shuffling stuff around.

Confirmed this is still an issue in preview 8.

Ok, thank you for the update with this issue. I am going test this without the texture packer to see if I can get the same results you are experiencing.


I am back from holiday now, if you need any assets or anything to repro this, please let me know. My Paper2D project is pretty much dead in the water until this issue is resolved. With my project under git versioning, I can’t just delete assets and import again, reimport is my only option.

Hey Furroy,

Thank you for the update again. I am going to grab texture packer tomorrow so I can correctly test this issue. If you would like to send me a sprite sheet to test with, that would be helpful and more accurate.


Here’s a sample spritesheet you can mess around with. I don’t know if TexturePacker makes the paths relative or not, so you might have to fix them in the .tps file. If you switch the algorithm between Basic and MaxRects and export & reimport in UE4 you should be able to repro the issue.link text

Hello Furroy -

Thank for your patience as we have worked on this issue. I was able to get a successful reproduction of this issue and have placed a ticket in for us to continue an investigation toward a solution, for reference UE-12041. I can say though that this may be a natural improvement in the code of Paper2D that the TexturePacker software has not been updated to accommodate as of yet. I would also place a ticket in with their support staff as well.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I’ve checked in a fix for this issue into main (so it’ll be in 4.8 for sure) and nominated it for inclusion in a future 4.7 hotfix. https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/commit/1310aaef6d7a11b8e3caf9921455a1038576a4e4

However, I do have a workaround to suggest for now:

Open the Textures folder and right-click reimport on the individual texture pages and then reimport the sprite sheet asset. This seems to solve the issue in the repro case I was given.

Michael Noland