[4.7 Preview 8] "Print String"-node not working


Just wanted to check here if anyone else has this problem or have a possible solution for it :slight_smile:

The thing is that “Print String”-node doesn’t work for me. I have tried to fire it from a InputAction event set on F, “Begin play”-node etc. But it doesn’t print anything to the screen.


Unreal 4.7p8

Here is my very advanced character-blueprint that I try to use.

Best regards

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Hi Oscar,

I’ve tested this in my launcher build of 4.7 Preview 8 and everything is working correctly.

With your character have you set the default pawn class as this blueprint in the World Settings > gameMode?

Also, in the character BP you need to set the defaults tab to have the input of the player control you want. You can also do this by setting an event begin play > Enable Input. Plug a get player controller into the player controller pin.

This is how I’ve tested and set it up.



I have problems everyday with Print String not working. It works sometimes, and sometimes re starting ue4 fixes it, but other times it just refuses to work. This has been happening off and on for weeks. Any ideas?

Did you compile it?

This sounds like two different issues and this was a post from the Preview releases that are known to have issues.

Would you mind making a new Bug Reports post with your steps to reproduce the issue along with any other relevant information that will allow us to help you.

Thank you!


Yeah, added enable input and it started working. Even though it was working fine for weeks without it.

Hi, I have exactly the same issue (since 4.8). the PrintString BP node does only sometimes work, but other times it doesn’t print anything to the screen in-game. However, in the log and console these messages always appear (so the node is definitely ticked). Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this problem, because it only happens sometimes to me, I haven’t figured out yet when. Also for me restarting the editor usually helps, but sometimes I need to restart it several times. Any ideas?

I just replied to this other thread with a workaround. You need to turn on the FPS in the editor (Ctrl+Shift+H) and it will allow the print screen to work again.

Hope it works for you also. :slight_smile: