[4.7 p8] FPS drops when text has no font in widget

I have made a chatbox which adds simple widgets as the chat messages to a vertical box, this however causes some serious performance drops while the chat messages exist, as they disappear the performance is restored, I lose about 20 - 30fps for each widget created, when more than around 10 - 12 appear the NVidia drivers crash.

This can be replicated by creating a vertical box, and a second widget with some text in, then in blueprint creating a button which adds new widgets to the vertical box. Once 5 - 15 widgets are added you will get a recoverable NVidia driver crash, or if you are using an AMD GPU you may encounter a bsod.

I have just found the cause of the fps drops, the font on the umg widget was set to ‘none’, I set it to the one we use in our project and the fps no longer takes a hit. This is still a valid bug report however as the only reason I tracked this down was due to a fellow developer rifling through the source code.

Hi Chaoss,

Thank you for your report. I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-10394 to be assessed by the development staff.