[4.7 p7] Blueprint merge crashes editor

The editor crashes when trying to merge blueprints, the crash usually happens on merge completion when selecting either source or target, or when clicking on a property in the properties panels.

Hi MadsJakobsen,

How exactly are you merging the blueprints? Are you selecting the blueprints then clicking the ‘Blueprints’ icon > ‘Convert Selected Components to Blueprint Class’?

Please provide as exact repro steps as possible. Feel free to post screenshots as well.

Hi TJ,
Thanks for taking the time to reply, and sorry for the lacking description, and honestly I may have misunderstod the workflow of the BP merge tool.

In my project(empty starter project) I have 3 simple blueprint that I want to merge: Base, Source and Destination. The Source and Destination is copied from the Base blueprint and then a custom event + a print string is added to each blueprint.

1 ) Open the Base blueprint in the blueprint editor and choose file → merge.
2 ) In the merge window I select Soure, Base, Destination.
3 ) In the Merge tool, if I click on the components tab and select any of the entries UE crashes. Or if I select Accept source or Accept Target, the merge completes but crashes UE. Below is a video of both situations.

Here videos, screens of the steps and a overview of the blueprint.

Thank you for the report. The videos and screenshots were quite helpful. I have logged this as JIRA UE-10016 and our developers will be investigating the issue further.

There isn’t much of a workaround for this at the moment. While 4.7 is in Preview this feature isn’t stable enough to use productively just yet.



Has this issue been fixed in the binary release of 4.7

There are still a few issue that we are working out of the Merge feature. A hot fix will shortly follow the 4.7.0 release that should fix these issues.

It seems this is still an issue. I created a new post here and attached my sample project files.

Thank you. I’ll resolve this post and we can continue investigating it there.