[4.7 P3] Project settings are shared in all projects?

If change the settings for example of the graphics in one project, and then create other new, the settings are the same in the new project…

Hi ,

Are you changing project settings or editor settings? These are located right next to each other in the same context menu.

I have a problem with the graphic settings from context menu “Settings->Scalability->Engine Scalability Settings” in the toolbar center. (The settings button), you change that and affect to all projects or to the editor for all projects. And i like use different settings.

Hi ,

The scalability settings are meant specifically to affect scalability while in editor, not specifically to projects. Project specific content is determined by you and what types of models/materials/etc that you use and set up, not by engine specific settings.

If i change that settings affect to the .ini config files of the projects ?