4.7 is slower

What is the new message “discovering new content” after a level is loaded ? this freezes the editor for some 15 seconds.
There is a similar freeze each time we drop a new shader on the scene, during 5 seconds sometimes mores if compilation is needed.
I use mainly SSD, so that’s more related to Unreal 4 engine.

Is there editor and compilations speed up planned on incoming versions ?

It could possibly be the new feature where it checks the source files to see if there’s any changes.

It’s something new that was not here in previous versions, and the freezing times is new also.

I am having the opposite experience, I find 4.7 to be the faster version of the engine than any previous versions, The discovering new content window for me only appears on launch of the editor and lasts no longer than 5 seconds, if that, and I have probably close to 100,000 assets in my content directory now.

You may want to try disabling the auto checkin/monitoring facility they added to 4.7 to see if that decreases the pausing.

Animation Multi-threading Is Awesome!

My in-game FPS is up by 30-40 thanks to Multi-threaded Animation in 4.7!

Thank you epic!