4.7 - Incorrect asset loading with circular dependencies

Sample project:

When you open project I get following problem:

  1. If I open CombatNotifier before opening another assets (see to “Bad cast node” and “OnAggroAppeared”):

  1. If I open BaseAIController and then CombatNotifier:

This problem affects latest 4.7.3, but master version looks like work correctly.

I suspect problem is caused by circular dependencies.

I have a commit that show error message on destroying (convert to TRASHCLASS) currently loading blueprint: [b4b9269][3]

This commit show error message on incorrect data load even if error is not evident.

Hi Bozaro,

That’s something I’ve not seen before, thanks for bringing it to our attention! I checked, and you’re correct: this occurs in 4.7.3 but not in our main internal build, and fix should be included in 4.8.

problem is not reproduced with bDeferDependencyLoads=false flag in Kismet section of BaseEngine.ini file.

Looks like problem is caused by cyclic dependencies, and most likely will need address it to Mike.Beach.

Fixed by: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/commit/9a97e4d74d1497f6fcc81c15f737afebe5b73700