[4.7]How use AIPerception Component?

I installed the 4.7 and i want to use AIPerception as substitute of Pawn Sensing but i feel lost in how to setup this!

Can anyone help me?

There’ll be a tutorial about that shortly. Sorry it’s not out yet!



Thanks!! :smiley:

Just wanted to check if there was an update to this.

i’d really love to see a tutorial as well.

Any updates on this, it’s been more than a month?

The tutorial will be out with 4.8 since in terms of Blueprints it’s not really usable in 4.7. Sorry for a delay.

when will 4.8 release then ?? :slight_smile:

I think (and don’t quote me on that) it’s going to ship late May. But there’ll be preview builds in the mean time which I strongly encourage everyone to try out since bugs found in preview builds can be fixed a lot faster and easier then in shipped versions.

I’m trying to make AI perception works which noise emitter should i use?