[4.7] FCanvasTextItem text draws unexpected "dots"

I’ve been working on some scalable text for my in game HUD and I’ve run into a strange issue that I can’t source. When the text is drawn to the screen at certain resolutions it gets some weird dots, regardless of the font I use. Has anyone encountered this when using FCanvasTextItem?

.cpp function:

float ACGPlayerHUD::DrawScaledText(const FString & Text, FLinearColor TextColor, float ScreenX, float ScreenY, UFont * Font, float TextHeight, float Anchor)

	FCanvasTextItem TextItem(FVector2D::ZeroVector, FText::GetEmpty(), Font, TextColor);
	TextItem.Text = FText::FromString(Text);

	// Get the size of the text.
	float SizeX, SizeY;
	Canvas->StrLen(Font, Text, SizeX, SizeY);

	// Compute the scale for the final text.
	const float Scale = TextHeight / SizeY;
	TextItem.Scale.Set(Scale, Scale);

	// Anchor offset. 
	ScreenX = ScreenX - (SizeX * Scale * Anchor);

	Canvas->DrawItem(TextItem, ScreenX, ScreenY);

	return SizeX * Scale;

Attached is a screen shot of what I’m referring to. Not the white dots below the :.



Dots appeared to be related to my fonts. Issue was resolved by modifying the UVs on the space character.