[4.7] F11 Fullscreen editor border black / white

Version 4.9 Pre release unfixed

I´m having the same problem in 4.10.1, looks like a bug with UMG and the Post Process Volume. If i disable one of them its solve the problem. And if you change the Misc->Screen Percentage to something higher then 100, the weird rendered space gets bigger.

Yeah is unfixed even in the 4.11 i think.

The bug TJ mentioned earlier in this post was re-opened and has been marked as unresolved as of now since it is still occurring. I have added more community interest to the issue as well as a screenshot of it in 4.10.4 engine version.

We appreciate your patience while we track down the cause of the issue and get a fix in place.


This is even poor in the 4.11 all the cameras and projects generate this…


It seems this bug extends even further. I was having intermittent trouble with particles and traced the problem here. I was, by the way, noticing the border glitch too.

Given the same circumstances that produce the border (in-editor fullscreen, started with top-down template), skeletal-mesh-bound particles misbehave. They will not spawn at all. If you switch back and forth from Fullscreen, they will spawn and move properly out of Fullscreen, and when you swap back in they will freeze, jump, disappear, or some combination of all three (and no new particles will spawn).

TJ Ballard above mentioned that the problem was tied to the TopDown template. What does that mean exactly? Is it tied to some asset in the TopDown template, or is it tied to the template itself? Like, can I replace the errant asset from scratch, or can I copy my assets to a new project under a different template?

Thanks for the help!

Okay guys looks like this is finally fixed in the 4.12 YAY
Thanks Epic.