4.7 Editor Freezes when Selecting Text with More than 20 Characters

Note: I commented with the latest info. This is old.

I’m using a text node to relay text to the HUD. When the node contains a long enough string of characters, it will randomly either select all the text inside the field or freeze the editor. When the editor freezes, it will not crash nor will it give any sort of error log. I noticed the amount of ram the program is taking up and realized its increasing in size. Would this be some sort of memory leak?

Anyways, its causing quite a bit of trouble.

Hope it helps.

Hello sbnewsom,

There is a known memory link pertaining to ‘Blueprints’ that is known and has been posted on the ‘Forums’ to let users know we are aware of this issue.

When you mention, relay to the ‘HUD’, are you using UMG to render your own HUD?

Also, about how many characters are you using to get this error to occur?

If you do not mind, would you send me a screenshot of your Blueprint set up?

Thank you,

Wasn’t able to post a reply in time, but it seems Preview 3 was able to successfully solve the leak issue. I am able to write much longer strings without freezing or crashing. Much appreciated.


Been wanting to update this for some time. The problem is still there and is more annoying than ever. The problem doesn’t just exist in a node, but anything that has selectable text. Whether its the Output Log, String, or anything that has large amount of text in it. I’ve had the editor freeze when there is at least 20+ characters in the box. This was the case since the first preview of 4.7. I’m unsure if it was an issue before since I haven’t used large strings before. But I don’t think I ever had the editor crash when selecting text anywhere in the editor.

The editor coincidentally freezes with the “Text” cursor, but only freezes when I click on the offending text.

So hopefully we can get this looked at on a more detailed level. I haven’t deleted the entirety of Unreal Engine and re-install it. So maybe that would be a brute force fix?

It doesn’t seem like a leak anymore. Actually I don’t think the memory leak from the Preview had anything to do with the Text issue.

I attached the log. Nothing new is added to the log since the editor freezes.link text

I updated the original post raising awareness that the issue is still there and not limited to a node.

Found the problem thanks to utilizing the new problems raise from the original freezing.

Thanks to searching for the issue regarding “Freezing when clicking on Output Log” I was able to end this problem once and for all. The problem was caused by having a Graphics Tablet connect (Wacom). Now I can do all I want with text.

Although this sucks as I simultaneously do graphics while in the editor, requiring the use of the Wacom (which disconnecting it will mean I have to restart any program that needs it.)