4.7 Disconnect break with get struct nodes

I again have problem with disconnecting pins get node struct with break node. I was happened after opening project after change structure variable. Now when i every time i open project that nodes are disconnect. Saving project doesn’t work.

Edit. That happens when i add variables in another struct which in my base structure. When i add variables to base structure disconnecting pins does not happen but when i add new structure after open again project i have disconnected pins.

Im disappointing. Again create the same things in new project. :frowning:
Thanks guys.

I have the same problem. I tried to delete inside structure and create new structure the same type and connect pins. Thats dont work too.

I had a similar problem where renaming a variable dropped its pins from my interface.

I don’t know the exact circumstances of your issue, but I’ve had times that using a struct around in different ways made the pins in one area disappear. I ended up realizing when i fixed it an used it, the pins in the other area I was using it were gone. So making another variable the exact same but with a different name helped solve the problem.

Thanks Mahelyk thats work but when i change old structure to new version im must connect pins. Its simple way to find all disconnect nodes other than to browse function by function and connect nodes? Sometimes not connected pins do not get any error.

I’m also getting a similar issue to this, but it happening to pins leading from an Array into a ForEachLoop or Length function whenever I close the project and open it up again. It doesn’t make any sense why they keep disconnecting after they’be been connected, compiled and saved.

Playing around with my blueprints a bit further, the pins that were being disconnected were happening with a custom getter function that simply returned the array in question. The amateur programmer in me prefers to use get/set functions rather than global variables. I tried setting the array variable itself to public, and calling it directly, rather than using my getter function and the pins stopped disconnecting between restarts. Hopefully someone else will find this tidbit helpful.