4.7 Custom mouse pointers.

Hi, finished to implement a custom mouse pointer, here is the Widget building method if someone gets interested, there is a small trick due to hotspot…



And so…


I hope this save some time. :smiley:

This is a great guide, I was getting around to figuring this stuff out soon so this will help a lot.


This is excellent, especially when combined with the Set Current Mouse Cursor Blueprint node. Thanks for the write-up!

Are we still have the problem where the mouse cursor doesn’t update until you move the mouse?

This worked for me, but once you click once, the cursor changes back to default. Any ideas?

Hi there,

I have the same issue. When I click the mouse cursor is set to default until I move with the mouse again.
Anyone has found any solution for that?


My mouse texture doesn’t change when using ‘set current mouse cursor’ until I do a mouse click. Any way to fix this?

When I used this method a while back (4.6?), the problem I had with the system was that the mouse cursor doesn’t update or change until the mouse moves or is clicked. Basically it doesn’t update until its directly being told to update.

Has this been fixed?

Currently I just create an image that follows an invisible cursor, then update the image directly, so it doesn’t stick to one cursor when its suppose to change.