[4.7] [bug] Assets are not listed in content browser


I don’t know if this bug is related to UI on linux or to 4.7 for all platforms, but i don’t see all assets in content browser.
E.g. if i start new project with starter content, there is only one file listed in content browser. But if i restart editor, all content is listed as expected.

Also if i copy assets from other projects to content folder of currently opened project, content browser file list becomes broken (does not react on mouse interactions), but after editor restart everything looks ok.

See screenshot: left side - nautilus (ubuntu file browser), right side - ue4editor (compiled from 4.7 branch after [this commit][1])


Hey RealyUniqueName-

I noticed the same issue after opening a recent project. While this can be very alarming when creating a project (and has been bugged as UE-11760) I found that it is possible to get the starter content to appear. Simply closing and reopening the project will cause the content to appear again.


In 4.7.4 this problem occurs for me with any folder content in projects, including folders themselves.

The bug report listed in my previous post is still being worked on and is slated to be fixed in an future engine update.