4.7 Animation Blueprint hangs editor (p2 and p3)

In 4.7 p2 and 4.7 p3 the animation blueprint editor completely hangs after a short period of time. The entire engine hangs and you need to end the process to get back to it. In the screen grab below to try and replicate the issue I grabbed the “My blueprint” window and docked it on the left. Then docked the additional tabs. After a short period of time (unsure if it’s because the window looses focus) the editor completely hangs and becomes fully unresponsive, requiring a restart. It appears to happen more often when the asset browser tab is clicked or open.

There is no crash reports generated but if there is something specific you guys want me to check in the syslogs then I’ll be happy to. System spec is i7 4770k 16gb ram geforce gtx 780, geforce driver version 347.09 as of this post.

Also this only seems to appear when the “Graph Tool” is open and the asset browser tab is open. When on the “Animation Tool” is open with the asset browser tab everything keeps working fine. By tool I mean one of the selectors in the top right (Skeleton > Mesh > Animation > Graph )

As a follow up when it does freeze it becomes fully unresponsive and the memory usage stays exactly the same as prior to the freeze. CPU usage also doesn’t seem to spike after, if needed I can upload a video of this.

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I am currently unable to reproduce this issue but I may have missed a detail or two. If you don’t mind could you upload a video of the bug as you mentioned?


Issue seems to be gone in 4.7 P4 so great news there :slight_smile: I’ll leave the issue open until tomorrow to see if I can reproduce the bug, if not I’ll close/resolve it.

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Glad to see the issue seems to be addressed in UE 4.7 P4. I’m marking the problem closed for tracking purposes, but if you continue to experience difficulty with the blueprint editor, reply to this post and we will continue to investigate and report as a bug if needed.

Thanks for the feedback!