4.7.6 Problems!

So this has really been eating away at me for some time now…

In 4.7.6 ive been experiencing a ton of issues and it is said to be the final release for 4.7…In some instances Ive been experiencing frame rate drops like crazy even though Ive tried every fix out there, the frame rate continues to drop from 60 to 3 within a couple of minutes of just standing there…even in a blank level. Another thing that has been really making me mad is that the Text blocks and Widget blueprints do not communicate in the level Blueprints…WHAT IS THE DEAL??? Ive done everything correct and they still dont communicate with each other? I know im doing it correctly because ive set it up in the same manner in a regular BP class and it works just fine. Ive done all the tutorial to the T which can only lead me to believe its an internal issue. Im getting real sick of the LACK of progress on the Documentation and the lack of support when it comes to updates. Not only that but to ask a question on the Answerhub or whatever it is you have to have POPULARITY??? seriously? Ive been a member of this community for well over 3 years now and havent needed to ask anything til now and i cant because im not popular? dear lord…Please excuse my rage it had to be said. I would liek to know what is going on if its me or if there is an issue with Widgets and the Frame rate cause ive looked and theres nothing…

First, you need to step back and take a breath.

Now, let’s tackle each problem one at a time.

  1. The FPS drop you experience, is this just in PIE? Do you experience the same drops with AMI and the cooked version of the game.
  2. Please give us your hardware specs. Video card, memory amount, OS, ect…
  3. If you are having communication issues between blueprints, that would be a new one to me. I have TONS of cast everywhere, and they are work great. Can you provide an example (with screenshot) of what ales you?

Every questions, excepting one, I have asked - here or on the answer hub - has been answered. I am not a super popular person. We use tons of widgets and do not have a problem.

  • Have you started a new black project, an experienced the drop?
  • Is this in an existing project?

If you need help, you can DELETE your “Intermediate”, “Binaries”, and “Saved” folder. Then 7Zip it and send me a link via PM from Google Drive or Dropbox of your project, or an example project with similar problems. I will attempt to debug it.

Again, please give us your system specs.

Ive already again fixed this Issue on my own when I realized it carried on to 4.8 preview. I disabled and debugged a lot of things to find the source of what was causing the issue and found out that with my hud blueprint, it was for some reason being updated and drawn every frame…as i know this is typical that a hud should be called every frame I found it on that it was stacking on top of itself every frame even though i called it once in the entire came on begin play to simply be part of the Characters HUD in the Level Blueprint. This was odd to me. Now With the Blue prints not communicating with each other all i did was create a WIDGET blueprint add a Text block to it create a Return value of a Variable in the Text Block Function and then in the Level Blueprint cast to that Hud element (The Text Block of course) and then to that variable that i made…I can Get and set the value but i doesnt actually change the value on true, I debug it to see if I am at least getting it but it always fails to actually get the Widget at all…Every picture i try to upload here says its too small?

My System Specs Are Windows 8 GTX 860m Nividia Graphics i7 processor, 16gb ram.

Im doing this project on my own so its nerve racking to come across problem after problem. So sorry for my out burst. i hope you can forgive me as Im just on the edge from game designing XD